Top Secret Society

This club is simply a club. It is a club of only 3 kids (myself included). We are spies. We are not trained.

To join us, all you need is a voice and a brain. Why do you need a voice? Well, the club started out as a radio station called KTEC (The Everything Channel). That was a LONG time ago. I think I was 6.

Well, on one of the "broadcasts" we had Top Secret Agents. The shows were REALLY CORNY but we had fun making them. We decided to try making the shows serious, but that only made them stupid. Even now the shows are even more stupid. The one phrase that we will always remember is "It's Very odd." It was in all of the episodes.

We decided to forget the shows for a while and now we are trying to buy a lot of spy equipment. We already have a pretty good telescope(hand held), a top secretnote pad (which has all of our codes), and a hearing device (you can hear people talking100 yards away with it) - we don't have much stuff yet, mainly because we are flat-broke. (typical)

Why do you need a brain? Think about it...
We don't have any brains, so we need someone who does...wanna volunteer?

Just a note on the codes. We only have 4 different codes right now. If you have any cool secret codes, please send them to us. Eventually, I hope to display them all on this webpage. But you'll have to join in order to get the answer keys...