My Son Robert

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This is what I look like!

I have a lot of Talents. I can hear you right now saying, "Yeah, sure he does" and I know you are right.Actually I have only a few. I can (sort of) play the piano and I started reading when I was about 3 years old.Those have got to stand for something.
(I hope)

Well, I guess I should tell you about myself. I have been Home-schooled since kindergarten, but I guess my Mom told you that already.I like being home-schooled because it is fun - most of the time. I don't like Math very much, but I have some cool computer programs that make it fun like: MathBlaster and MathAce. I really like the Carmen Sandiego Games the best though. You can check out the website below.

My all-time favorite author is Michael Crichton. I really like his book "SPHERE". I was, however, unimpressed with the movie. It's fairly close to the book, but not enough to salvage it. I still want to get it when it comes out on video. It is a very difficult book to translate into a movie, kinda like Arthur C. Clarke's "2001". I like "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World", also by Michael Crichton.

I also LOVE ANIMORPHS!!!!!(<-if you can't read that please highlight it) they are a series of books by K.A. Applegate. You can get them at any major bookstore. They are about these 5 kids who take a shortcut through an abandoned construction site and find a dying alien that gives them the power to morph into any animal they touch. I know it sounds corny but belive me THEY ARE AWE SOME!!!!!!! Check out the website in my favorite links below!

I also love Star Wars. Practically everybody knows about Star Wars, so I donít need to tell you about it, but you can check out this website too.

Here are some of my favorite links:

  • Animorphs Home Page 
  • Hawk's Hangout 
  • The Official Star Wars Website 
  • The LEGO Site 
  • Carmen Sandiego 



    This is my personal favorite:

  • QuantumRealms 

  • It also has the largest collection of game cheats on the web!



    This one is REALLY stupid (DUH!)

  • Stupid Candy 



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