• Ungodly Rage

  • Synopsis Written by a Catholic journalist who has investigated feminism on its own ground, this remarkable book fully exposes the hidden face of Catholic feminism for the first time, revealing its theoretical and psychological roots in loss of faith. A definitive account of a movement impelled by vengeful rage to revolt against all spiritual authority.
  • The Catholic Answer Book

  • Although this title is not yet available, you may still pre-order it. We will ship it to you when it is released by the publisher.
  • Mornings With Fulton Sheen: 120 Holy Hour Readings

  • Synopsis Readers can meet Bishop Fulton Sheen in these unique and representational selections from his collected works. For 120 mornings, you can treat yourself to his insightful wisdom and perspectives that turn everything upside right. The readings also introduce you to the idea of the Holy Hour--spending an hour a day in the Lord's presence--which was one of the hallmarks of Sheen's life-changing message

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