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I've read lots of books on the different learning styles, but the best one that I have found is called "A Self-Portrait Learning Style System" by Victoria Kindle-Hodson and Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M.S. and published by Reflective Educational Perspectives.
"The authors observe, along with others in the field, that people learn and develop best when their individual learning patterns, skills, and talents are recognized. These facts can be used as a basis for goal setting, guidance, and instruction. The materials included in [this program] involve people in their own learning processes through self-assessment and goal setting, foster acceptance and appreciation for individual differences and talents, and encourage cooperation and sharing of skills. It is possible to structure successful learning and working situations, to create harmony and satisfaction in life, and to develop to full potential when we know ourselves well."

Along with the Self-Portrait assessments, they have a book entitled "What To Do When They Don't Get It: A Guide To Great Teaching Techniques." This book includes techniques in Visualization, Mapping, and Writing.

Reflective Educational Perspectives
1451 East Main Street #200
Ventura, CA 93001

When it comes to Catholic Home Education, one of the best books on the market is "Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum- A Guide to Catholic Home Education" by Laura M. Berquist. The book is published by Bethlehem Books and is an absolute treasure.
Kimberly Hahn - Co-Author of "Catholic Education - Homeward Bound" (another really great book) says the following about Mrs. Berquist's book:

"Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum bridges the gap between a desire for a classical education for our children and the reality of a subject by subject, grade by grade curricula that is thorough. It has been an immense help to me."

Vicky Peters-Director of So.CA Catholic Home Educators Support Group adds:
"This is classical education from a Catholic perspective - the answer to years of searching for the experienced home educator, and the perfect tool for those just beginning."

Bethlehem Books
915 W. 13th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660