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On September 29, 1964, the Second Vatican Council approved the restoration of the Permanent Diaconate. The U.S. bishops pointed to two reasons in asking the Pope to authorize this restoration here - "to complete the hierarchy of sacred orders and to enrich and strengthen the various deaconal ministries at work in the United States with the sacramental grace of the diaconate." Pope Paul VI gave specific directives for implementing the restoration of the diaconate in an apostolic letter published in 1967 and followed this up with further "norms" in 1972.

Follow this link to view the new Vatican encyclical concerning the Permanent Diaconate

Vatican Documents on the Permanent Diaconate


Follow this link to find out what a Deacon is and what their general functions are within the Church.
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Our Formation

Our formation was a 5 year process in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Follow this link to learn more about what this formation involved and the changes in the formation program since Paul's ordination in 1994.
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Deacon Paul

Follow this link to find out more about Deacon Paul and his interests in music.
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