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Home School Links

Here are some more interesting home schooling sites:

General Homeschooling
Home School World
HomeSchool Association of California
Family Learning Organization
EducationOtherwise - HomeSchooling in the UK
Homefires - The Journal of Home Schooling
Homeschool Central
HomeSchooling Daily
Home School E-Mail Interest Groups
Homeschooling On A Shoestring
How to Start Homeschooling
School is Dead! Learn in Freedom!
Home School Zone
Edutest-Online Testing and Assessment
Free Online Unit Studies
Home Education Magazine
Websites for National, State, and Local Support Networks
HomeSchool Dad Magazine

Catholic Homeschooling
Hosea House Homeschooling
Seton Home Study School
Our Lady of the Rosary School
Kolbe Academy
Immaculate Heart Homeschool
Homeschooling Articles - Catholic Dossier March/April 1997
Catholic Homeschooling Resources
Catholic Homeschool Network of America
Catholic Home Study Service
HomeSchool Catholic Education Forum
Roman Express
Useful Homeschooling Organization Forms


Catholic Community Forum