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A local support group can help in the area of personal growth. As homeschoolers, our best hope for positive legislation lies in unity. Your local support group can make a positive impact in your community and your state. Being "active" in such a group does not mean you must take over as president or chairman. It does mean you will become involved and accountable in some fashion to other members of your homeschool community. Groups can offer practical advice and assistance, field trips and projects impractical for families alone, opportunity for Spiritual growth, encouragement service and an example of Christian love and unity.

Our support group, Catholic Home Educators of the Antelope Valley, is fairly well-organized. We offer our local Catholic (and some non-Catholic) homeschooling families the following services with membership:

We always begin our meetings with prayer and can usually be found praying the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet on Park Days.

Being an active part of your local support group can be a real life-saver. You may find that one of the simplest joys in life is the sound of another adult voice. Remember to make time for yourself. Treat yourself at least as well as you treat other family members.

Check the Links page for the Support Group Network sites.