My Sin

I will consider how the tendency to sin can ruin my life and rob me of eternal happiness.

I discuss with the Lord the three questions:
1. What have I done for Christ in the past?
2. What am I doing for Christ in the present?
3. What would I like to do for Christ in the future?

As we experience God's tremendous love for us we also experience our own sinfulness. The following meditation is to experience personal sorrow.

What I ask for here is the gift of contrition or sorrow which is the opposite of quiet feelings: Guilt focuses on the self and is always self-hatred and self?rejection, my own personal refusal to be forgiven. Sorrow is a true knowledge of my own sinfulness. It is seeing, what sin means in the light of God's love. It is a trusting sorrow.

The following meditations bring a healing forgiveness. It is important too, for myself to be aware that I am in God's love, that He lives in me and died for me.

Romans 7:13-25
Luke 14:16-24
Psalm 51:1-21
Galatians 5:13-22
1 John 2:1-11