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What follows is the year-long Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius that was used during our diaconal formation in 1991 (our 2nd year of 5).  Most of the materials were handouts, so I was unable to locate copyright information.  When known, I have given credit to the authors of certain articles included in the required readings for the program.  A listing of additional materials adaptable to this program can be found on the final page.

 The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola
~ A Spiritual Journey ~

Table of Contents

Disposition Days
First Week
Second Week
Third Week
Fourth Week
The Ignatian Progression of the Four Weeks

An Introduction to the Spiritual Exercises
Disposition Days
I. God’s Love for Me
      Some Reflections on Faith Sharing
      Meeting with a Spiritual Director
II. Focus on "God’s Love" is Unconditional
      How to Pray for Healing of Disordered Attachments
      The River
III. Focus on Creation and Indifference to the Future
      Shared Prayer
      Tips on Meditating
      What is Meditation
      Obstacles to Prayer
      Some Perspectives
      Four Levels of Awareness - Prayer
IV. Principles and Foundation - An Active Indifference
      The Principle and Foundation of the Exercises
      First Principle and Foundation
      Active Indifference
      Praying with Scripture
      Daily Journal Entry and Prayer
      Examination of Conscience
      Review of Prayer
V. A Week of Prayer
VI. Praying over How I am Loved by God
      Prayer on my Dossier
      Prayer of Consideration: The Lilies of the Field
      The Conclusion
VII. I am Constantly Being Created by God
      The Way Things Are
      Praying with Fantasy
VIII. God’s Project Hidden Deep in Things: Save All
IX. God Continually Calls Me by Name
X. My Life is God’s Gift to Me and my Response to God
      Review of Prayer

The Way Some People Pray
The Triple Colloquy
Week I - Sin - Meditations for the Week
Sin: How do we see it today?
Evil: by Carlo Caretto
The First Sin - The Sin of the Angels
The Sin of Adam and Eve
The Sin of One Person
My Sin
Self-Knowledge and Sorrow for Sin
Personal Renewal
A Meditation on Our Sins
A Meditation on Hell
The Triple Colloquy
The Reality of Hell
Death - A Whole New Life
My Own Death
Penance and the Last Judgement
A Summary of Former Prayer
Review of the First Week

Ignatian Prayer of the Second Week
Ignatian Contemplation
The Preludes
The Points
A Frame for Contemplation
Second Week 1 & 2
     The Kingdom
     Contemplating the Incarnation
Second Week 3 - Jesus is Born
     The Birth of Jesus
Second Week 4 - Jesus Comes into Our Exile
Second Week 5 - Jesus Waits to Serve the God of Israel
     Two Standards and Two Value Systems
     Thoughts on Making Choices
Second Week 6 - Jesus Begins the Life He Chose
     Two Standards - a repetition
     Public Life
     The Pioneer
     The Call of the Apostles
Second Week 7 - Jesus Gathers His Close Friends
     Three Couples
     Three Classes of People
     Who is Jesus
Second Week 8 - Jesus Begins to Announce Good News
     The Beatitudes
     The Three Phases of Humility
     My Call - My Mission
     My Own Personal Mission
     The Choice of God
     Three Viewpoints or Attitudes to Loving God
Second Week 9 - Jesus Heals Me
     God with Me in My Mission
     The Power in the Name of Jesus

Contemplations of the Third Week
Third Week 1 - The Last Supper
     The Washing of the Feet
     The Eucharist
     Going through Jesus Passion and Death
Third Week 2 - The Night in the Garden
Third Week 3 - Jesus Faces His Judges
     Jesus before Pilate
     Jesus before Herod
     A Summary of Former Prayer
Third Week 4 - The Way of the Cross and the Crucifixion
     The Crucifixion
Third Week 5 - Jesus Dies on the Cross
     Good Friday
     Holy Saturday

Scripture Passages for the Fourth Week
Some Practices for Celebrating the Resurrection
Contemplations of the Fourth Week
Fourth Week 1 - The Joy of the Lord
     Entering the Joy of the Lord
Fourth Week 2 - Learning to Love Like God
     Contemplation for Learning to Love Like God
 The Exercises in Daily Life
     The Sending of the Holy Spirit in the Church
Fourth Week 3 - Jesus Christ Comes to the Doubters
Fourth Week 4 - The Risen Lord Shares His Mission
     Jesus Appears to His Mother
     Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
     Jesus Appears to Others
Fourth Week 5 - The Risen Lord Hands on His Ministry
Fourth Week 6 - Closing Days
     The Alpha and the Omega
     A Walk of Thanksgiving and Praise
     Meditative Recitation of the Lord’s Prayer