Review of the First Week

Sin: How do we see it today?
The Sin of the Angels
The Sin of Adam and Eve
The Sin of One Person
The Examen of Conscience
A Meditation on Our Sins
A Meditation on Hell
A Mediation on My Own Death
A Meditation on the Last Judgment Penances

The Graces of the First Week of the Exercises:
? a genuine and profound sorrow for my sins
? a sense of shame and confusion over my sinfulness
? actually shedding tears because of my sins

Questions for reflections:
1. Have I been faithful to my prayer time?
2. Did I ask for what I wanted? Did I ask for the graces of the First Week?
3. Did I receive the graces of the First Week? What graces did I receive?
4. Is there something that is preventing me from receiving the graces of the First Week?