Self-Knowldege and Sorrow for Sin


Purpose: To become aware of all those things which can separate us from God and others or which impede the union we should have with God and with one another. These things are basically under two categories; sin (that which is deliberately divisive); limitations, coming from temperament, personality, and background, habits that have been formed. We can be sorry for our sins; we regret our limitations.

Some Helps To Gain Self?Knowledge:
1. What part does fear play in my life ? what do I fear? whom do I fear? why? (Luke 12:4?7)
2. What place does resentment have in my life? Is there a basic resentment of my limitations? of God? those over me? of those with more talents? of father? of mother? of someone who has injured me? (Matt 6:14?15; 18:21?22;Col 3:13?15)
 3. In regard to others ? what annoys me the most in others? what do I dislike in others? why? what gifts of theirs would I like to have? why? (Matt 7:1?5)
4. What is the image I would like to project to others? why? How does this compare with the actual image I project? (1 Cor 7:7; Phil 2:5)
? What limitation do I have which I feel is most humiliating? Why is it humiliating? What do other find in me that is difficult to get along with?
? What compliments do I find most flattering? why?
5. What is a source of joy to me? why? (Phil 4:4?9; Romans 2:11?12)
? What robs me of my joy? why? (Psalm 89:15?16)
6. What is the contribution I feel that I can make to others? (Gal 5:13?14)
7. What is my greatest source of discouragement? (Romans 8:35?39; Phil 4:13)
8. What do I hope for? for myself? for others? why? (Romans 8:14?17; 8:18,24?25)
9. What sense of personal worth do I have? If I have no sense of my personal worth, why? (Eph 2:10)
10. What does fidelity mean to me: in regard to God, The Church, friends, work? (Romans 15:5?6; 2 Tim 3:7; 1:13; 4:6?8; Luke 16:10?12)
11. Are there patterns that show up in my life: in my dealing with others, my work, fidelity, responsibility?

Courage to change what can be changed; humility to accept what cannot be changed; and the wisdom to know the difference. When accepted properly, they can become part of redemptive activity, like St. Paul's infirmities ? which become a way of mediating life.