My Call - My Mission

The call of Christ to His apostles was gentle - a call with almost irresistible magnetism - a call of His love, human and divine.

The Call of God in the old Testament - terrifying in its first impact... some will be called to a complete dedication of their whole lives to His Divine Service.

The Call of Moses
Exodus 2:23-25
Exodus 3:1-23
Exodus 4:1-18

Jeremiah 1:4-20

Ezekiel 2:1
Ezekiel 3:14

Isaiah  6:1-14

I have been called by Christ ... my strength is in Him.
John 15:16-17 God can fit the instrument He chooses
2 Peter 1:10

1 Cor 1:26-31; 2 Thes 2:13-17: Consider brethren, the circumstances of your own calling ... God has chosen what the world holds foolish.

Hebrews 10:19-25:
He chose me, chose me in Christ.  May you see what hope His call holds for you. You have been called and chosen ... Encouragement to persevere ... The Christian opportunity to enter into the sanctuary of His heart.

In silence! I adore the inscrutable designs of God; the apostolic call of Christ then and ever since, is His secret, and all down the centuries there have been the Peters, Andrews...

I pray for the Church... and ask that I may take my place, however humble that place may be, in the service of His Mystical Body.
My response is one of love and trust: Psalm 73:23-28