My Own Personal Mission

Matthew 28:16-20
Mark 15:14-20

In silence, I adore the inscrutable designs of God; the apostolic call of Christ then and ever since, is His secret, and all down the centuries there have been the Peters, Andrews...

I pray for the Church... and ask that I may take my place, however humble that place may be, in the service of His Mystical Body.

My response is one of love and trust: Psalm 73:23-28


What is my sense of mission? Not just how do I understand it, conceptualize it, but how do I feel it deeply within myself?

Am I convinced of being sent by the Father and by Christ and by the Church, no matter what my calling is?

What are the enemies that attack my sense of mission... if I feel my sense of mission growing weak, what do I do? What about my own personal gifts from the Spirit? ... do I have the self?knowledge to recognize them and see how they lead me? Do I tap into that "power" which Jesus Christ promised to share with those whom He “missioned?”