The Power in the Name of Jesus

Picture the Scene: It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when Peter and John were entering the Temple through the Beautiful Gate. There were crowds of people on the narrow street approaching the Temple, but there was no pushing and jostling among the devout Jews who were entering the Temple along with the two apostles. This was the Temple entrance that was most crowded and it was the one chosen by the crippled beggar that warm, sunny afternoon. When he saw Peter and John, he immediately began clamoring for them to give him alms. Peter and John were on their "own" now; the Master had returned to His Father ... what to do...

Turn to Acts 3:1-16

First Point: How many years had this man come to this very gate, looking for alms from his fellow Jews? He chose the place where he would be most likely to get the most money, and yet he got something even more precious.

Second Point: The cure did not take long; the healing was instantaneous. The beggar leaped for joy. He caused great excitement, because many people recognized him as the beggar who had been crippled for years.

Third Point: How did his healing happen? It did not take Peter long to tell them. This was a new Peter from the impulsive, vacillating Peter of old. This Peter was a man of confidence, the kind of confidence that comes from being filled with the Spirit and consequently with the power of the Risen Christ. The Power, Peter said, is in the name of Jesus.

See Acts 4:10-30 - In Semitic thought, knowledge of name gave power over the thing named; to know a god's name was to be able to call on him and be certain of a hearing.

Acts 2:21; 16:18; 19:13-17: Faith is required: if the invocation of the name is to be effective

Romans 10:9-13
Luke 9:49-10;17
John 14:13-14; 15:16; 16:23-24; 20:30-31

End in your usual way: the Triple Colloquy and Our Father