The Call of the Apostles

Early Call: "Come and See." John 1:35-51 and Luke 5:1-11 Call of Twelve: "He summoned those He wanted"

Mark 3:13ff; Matt 10:1-4 (cf. last verse of Chapter 9); Luke 6: 12-16; John 15:16-19 ? He chose them, not the other way around. A Semitic way of emphasizing that He initiates the Call, and chooses us to choose Him.
Ignatius has us consider three points here:
* That the apostles were uneducated and from a humble condition of life.
* The dignity to which they were so gently called.
* The gifts and graces by which they were raised above all the Fathers of the Old and New Testaments.

When I look at that word "summoned" I must ask myself: Am I free not to answer his call?

As in all of these contemplations of the Second Week, I finish with a simple heart?to?heart talk with the Lord, asking for this deepening knowledge and love of Him, thanking him for what has happened during this time of prayer.

The Mission of the Apostles

Matthew 10:1?39
Mark 3:14ff
Mark 6:7?13
Luke 9:1ff
Luke 10:1?12
John 20:21ff

Christ calls His apostles and gives them a mission and with this mission a share in His own power. He teaches them prudence and patience and propels them into a world that is harsh and cunning. He cautions them to travel lightly, tells them to freely share what they have received ? get out and spread the Good News.

God with the Apostles in Their Mission

Matthew 14:22-33
Mark 6:45-52

In the hour of the apostles' need, Jesus came to them; it is the sign and symbol of what He always does for His people, when the wind is contrary, and when we are in danger of being overwhelmed. Peter was given to acting on impulse without fully facing the situation and without counting the cost. Peter had many failures, but a saint is not a person who never fails, but one who gets up and goes on again after a fall.

Acts 6:12ff - God's power was with the apostles right form the beginning, speaking in them, working miracles through them, strengthening them. God provides us with all that we need to carry out our mission.