Second Week - 7
Jesus gathers His close friends

Sometimes we go through a time of dryness, or even of confusion and discouragement. We learn from that to endure in our work, and also that the gift of joy is truly a gift, which we neither deserve of ourselves nor earn by our labor.

Recall the question that you asked yourself early on: What ought I do for Christ? - who has done so much for me and for humankind.

When you come to the "Repetition of the Week." you might find some places in your prayer where you rested quietly in the event of Jesus' life, or in God's own self. That quiet being?there, which on the face of it seems nothing special, is very fruitful prayer. Return to that place. Even if you do not find that quiet once again, you are very likely to learn a good deal about God and about your self.

What I want now: What kind of friend was Jesus of Nazareth? How did he think and feel about His friends, and about His mission? I want to love Him more, and to follow Him in His way.

1. John 1:35-42
While John baptizes at the Jordan, he point out Jesus ? "the Lamb of God." Two disciples follow Him, and He asks what they want. They go to where He is living and spend the rest of the day with Him.

2. The Three Couples

3. Mark 1:16?20
Jesus walks along the Sea of Galilee and  sees the brothers, fishermen. He calls them to work with Him. They drop what they are doing and follow Him.

4.Three Classes of People

5. John 2:1-11
Jesus takes His disciples to a marriage party in Cana. His mother points out that they have run out of wine and instruct the servants to do whatever Jesus says. Jesus turns water into better wine than they had been drinking.

6. Who is Jesus?

7. Repetition of the Week

Lord Jesus, from the start
You invite ordinary people to come to where You live.
When they come, You welcome them
and call them to labor and rejoice with You.
You are the most beautiful among all men,
and I hardly believe You want me for Your friend.
You are powerful, Lord.
Draw me more and more into Your friendship
and lead me along the way You took with friends.