Second Week - 9
Jesus Heals Me

Jesus has come to us so that he can save us from all the crippling effects on sin. Thus His saving ministry includes healing in us whatever is necessary for our salvation. (Jesus wants to change our "Slave-ation" to "Salve-ation.") Although His concern can and often does include our physical health, what is most important to Jesus is that we be healed from the sin that keeps us from putting all our faith in Him. Thus, in these meditations I prayerfully present myself to Jesus in my need for healing in body, mind, and spirit.

I beg God the Father to draw me close to Jesus so that in His presence I can experience for myself my helplessness and open myself to His healing love. As I experience His love for me, I ask that I might love Him more and more fully and follow Him more closely in the highest spiritual poverty, and even with material poverty and contempt, if that be His will.

1. John 5:1-9
Do I want to be healed? Lord, see my fear, my pride, my desire to control, my desire for comfort, my ambition and self-deception.

2. John 11:1-45
The resurrection of Lazarus

3.Mark 5:25-34
If I can just touch the hem of His cloak

4. Matt 8:23-27 & Matt 14:22-33
Christ walks on water

5. Matthew 21:1-11

6. God With Me In My Mission

7. The Power in the Name of Jesus