Two Standards - A Repetition

This is the situation. Christís calls and wants all people beneath His standard. Lucifer, on the other hand, wants everyone on his side.

Picture a great plain comprising the whole region about Jerusalem. The sovereign Commander-in-Chief of all the good is Christ the Lord. There is another plain about the region of Babylon. The chief of this plain is the enemy, Lucifer.

Here I need to ask for knowledge of the evil and the deceits of my life and also to ask for knowledge of the true life exemplified in the Lord and the grace to imitate Him.

Snares of evil
Luke 12:16?21
Matthew 13:24?30; 36?43

Inordinate self-seeking
Matthew 16:21?23

Matthew 23:13-33

Romans 1:20-32

Standard of Christ: Consider how the Lord chooses so many persons regardless of their state or condition.

Luke 9:23-26
Mark 9:34-37
Matthew Chapters 5,6,7
Ephesians 6:10-20