The Washing of the Feet

Read John 13:1-16

Enter into the scene: Jesus got up from the table in the middle of the supper, ungirded His outer garment and pulled it over His head. Sternly, and with His hair in some disarray, He glanced around the room at the surprised faces, and wrapped a towel around His waist and tied it roughly behind. Then He picked up a pitcher and the basin and, as a menial, He walked around the table to the disciple at the lowliest position on the right side and knelt to wash, not his hands, but his feet. In silence, Jesus removed the sandals, set them carefully on the floor, and laved the feet with warm water. Then, in silence, He removed the towel from His waist, dried the feet of His amazed and protesting follower and moved on to the next man. When He came to Peter, Peter tried to tuck his feet under him.

Ask the Lord that you may feel sorrow and compassion and shame because He is going to His suffering, for me and my sin. Ask also that you may learn the great lesson of this mystery of the washing of the feet.

First Point: The mixed feelings of the apostles. How do you feel?

Second Point: This was the lowliest task that Jesus could possibly perform for them... it was the task of the lowest of the slaves.

Third Point: "I have given you an example, so that you may copy what I have done to you."

Your conversation with Jesus should be as best friend to best friend. "How can my life be reconciled to this text?"