Third Week - 1
The Last Supper

The frame of prayer remains the same. However, keep in mind the three special considerations for the Third Week: What Jesus suffered in His humanness, and desired to suffer; How Jesus hid His divinity; How Jesus suffered for me.

What you ask for during this time will challenge you. You are Jesus' friend now, and you want to act the part of a friend while He goes through His suffering and death. The part gives you pain and anguish. You really want to beg God, the Lord, to let you enter into the part of a friend.

I ask for what I want: I want to feel sorrow at the wreckage, compassion with Jesus, and shame that He suffers because of our sins.

1. Luke 22:1-13 Preparation for the Supper. Judas prepares to betray Jesus. Jesus instructs His disciples to prepare the Passover Supper. They do as He says.

2. The Washing of the Feet

3. Repetition

4. The Eucharist

5. Repetition

6. Going through Jesus Passion and Death

7. Summary of Prayer

ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURE, should you want some:
Exodus 12:1-14 The Passover Story
Exodus 24:1-11 The Covenant established, blood sprinkled on the people
Psalms 113-118 The Great Hallel, said at feasts, especially Passover
Psalm 55  Friends betraying the innocent
Psalm 69  Lament of an innocent man

God our Creator and Lord,
I beg of You
that I may truly be a friend to Your Son
and enter into His sufferings
that He embraced for all the people You bring to life
and for me.