Third Week - 2
The Night of the Garden

You are dealing with a great amount of material. Keep in mind that you do not have to "cover" everything. Just try to remain with Jesus.

Try the best you can to focus on Jesus' experience. What did He feel? Enter into His fears, disappointments, blankness, and anguish. Jesus, after all, was not a "body," but a Person, with full human affections and emotions.

What I want now: I ask God to feel sorrow because of what Jesus went through, even anguish and tears. And shame at what Jesus endures for me.

1. Matthew 26:30-56  From the Upper Room to Gethsemane. Peter's denial foretold. Jesus goes through agony. He is arrested.

2. Repetition

3. John 18:12-27    Jesus before Annas. Jesus is taken to Annas's house. Peter says he is not Jesus' disciple. Jesus answers correctly and is slapped. Peter denies Jesus.

4. Repetition

5. Mark 14:53-72   Jesus before the Sanhedrin. False witnesses. Jesus' answer, "I am." They torture Him.

6. Repetition

7. Summary of Former Prayer

ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURES ? should you want some:
Luke 22:39-53 "This is your hour, the hour of darkness."
Mark 14:43-52 The young man ran away
Psalm 35 Lying witnesses
Psalm 64 Frightening mobs.

Lord Jesus Christ,
Did I know how,
I would break my heart
with grief for You.
Of all the people in the world,
You should have suffered least.
I am ashamed of what we did to You
while You broke Your heart
with grief for me.