Third Week - 3
Jesus Faces His Judges

Recall that we can fall into some fairly useless activities during prayer on Jesus' Passion: We can wallow in our emotions. We can focus too much on our own sins, and let them stand between us and really empathizing with Jesus. And we can find ourselves tending to feel pity for ourselves.

We have no reason to get bogged down. Follow the example of the earliest disciples, who wrote down the Passion narrative before anything else. They simply remembered the story, step by step.

What I want now: I ask God for sorrow with Jesus sorrowing, anguish with Jesus in anguish, tears and deep grief because of the great affliction Jesus endures for me.

1. Matthew 27:1-2,11-14   Jesus before Pilate. Pilate asks whether He is king. Jesus answers that it is a Pilate says. The Jews accuse Him but He remains silent.

2. Jesus Before Pilate - a meditation
3. Luke 23:5-12   Jesus before Herod. Pilate gets Jesus off his hands. Herod is delighted to see Jesus. Jesus remains silent, and they mock Him.

4. Jesus Before Herod - a meditation

5. Matthew 27:15-26   Jesus before Pilate again. Barabbas or Jesus?  They cry louder. Pilate hands Him over.

6. Repetition

7. Summary of Prayer

ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURES - should you want some:
John 18:28-19:16   This is John's account of Jesus before Pilate
Psalm 25, 26, 44, 57

Lord Jesus Christ,
Did I know how, I would break my heart
with grief for You.
Of all the people in the world,
You should have suffered least.
 I am ashamed of what we did to You
while You broke Your heart
with grief for me.