Third Week - 4
The Way of the Cross and the Crucifixion

You will know by now that any division of the story of Jesus' suffering is artificial. Be confident in letting the Holy Spirit lead you to those parts of Jesus' experience where you will find the most good.

What I want now: I ask God for sorrow with Jesusí sorrowing, anguish with Jesusí anguish, tears and deep grief because of the great affliction Jesus endures for me.

1. Matthew 27:26-32   Jesus handed over. Jesus scourged, crowned, and mocked. Simon Cyrene helps Him carry His cross.

2. Repetition

3. Matthew 27:33-38   Jesus crucified. Jesus stripped. He refuses anesthetic. He is nailed to a cross with a heading, between robbers.

4. The Crucifixion

5. Matthew 27:39-47   Jesus in darkness. The by passers jeer. The priests rail. Jesus cries out from the Psalms.

6. Repetition

7. Summary of Prayer

ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURES - should you want some:
John 2:13-25   The Cleansing of the Temple
Psalm 22   Why have you forsaken me? Yet, in the assembly, I will give praise.
Hebrews 5:1-10   Jesus Christ, eternal High Priest

Lord Jesus Christ,
Did I know how, I would break my heart
with grief for You.
Of all the people in the world,
You should have suffered least.
I am ashamed of what we did to You
while You broke Your heart
with grief for me.