Jesus Appears to His Mother

After he arose, the Lord appeared first to his Mother; this is contained in the Scripture saying that he appeared to many. For, although this event is not mentioned explicitly, Scripture is our source of this definite information.

So sacred is the reunion of the Risen Christ with His Mother, that the Evangelists are silent on the subject. Following the example of their reticence, I will not attempt to reconstruct this scene, but ask the Lord through his Holy Spirit to tell me about it.

I humbly ask to be allowed to join my voice with the great chorus of Christ's Kingdom in heaven and on earth as together we sing:

QUEEN OF HEAVEN REJOICE ALLELUIA! You are more glorious than Judith who cried aloud to the people:
"Open the gates! God is on our side. Open the gates! His power yet lives in Israel.: (Judith 13:13)

Judith was acclaimed by her nation: "Thou art the boast of Jerusalem, the joy of Israel, the pride of our people." (Judith 15:10)

Much more, 0 Queen of Heaven, art thou the boast of all nations, the joy, and the pride of all peoples, of heaven and of earth.

"BECAUSE THE SON WHOM IT WAS YOUR PRIVILEGE THE BEAR, ALLELUIA" Rejoice, because Christ, whom you first bore in your mind by your obedience and humility, and whom you were found worthy to bear in your womb, HAS RISEN AS HE SAID, ALLELUIA.

As he speaks, so is it done. Long ago God had spoken: "Let there be light; and the light began." (Genesis 1:3)

Again God speaks, and in that moment of divine command, the Son of Justice rises in his glory.

PRAY TO GOD FOR US. Pray for us indeed to God, 0 Queen of heaven.

I make my colloquy, asking for the prayers of Heaven's Queen, that being transferred into the kingdom of her Divine Son, I may be made worthy to contemplate the Divine Glory forever.

The Risen Lord Goes to His Mother

St. Inigo de Loyola wrote in his book of the exercises:

The Resurrection of Christ our Lord ? The First Apparition: First Point. He appeared to the Virgin Mary. Though this is not mentioned explicitly in the Scripture it must be considered as stated when Scripture says that He appeared to many others. For Scripture supposes that we have understanding, as it is written, 'Are you also without understanding?"'

Remember, after asking the Lord to make you aware in His presence and offering to Him you time and your self, where this fits into salvation history. Jesus had died on the cross and His Spirit had gone down among the dead to declare the great Good News that they will rise on the day the Father has appointed. Then His Spirit returns to the tomb and inspirits His cold, battered flesh. Straightway, He goes to his mother, the Lady Mary.

Imagine His coming to her.

Stay to hear what they say, to see what they do, and to let them share with you what they experienced together.

Consider, then, that Jesus Christ is God and mighty Lord. How did He manifest His divinity to His mother?

Consider, too, how He consoled His mother after her sufferings.

Then talk with Jesus or His mother, or with the Father. End with the Our Father.