Contemplations of the Fourth Week

The following are the various steps to be used in contemplations in the Fourth Week. Basically they will remain the same for each contemplation.

Step One - I will locate myself in the mystery, i.e. recall to mind the events leading up to the mystery I am preparing to contemplate.

Step Two - I will relate myself to the space?time dimensions of these events, by placing myself in the scene, making it as vivid as possible.

Step Three - I will ask for the grace of an intimate sharing with Jesus Christ ? that I may share in the all-pervasive joy of Jesus and His Mother.

* * * * *

First Point - To imagine to myself what each person in the scene looked like, what gestures he made, etc.

Second Point - To listen intently to what they say (what is recorded in Scriptures and also what must have been), and endeavor to derive some insight, motivation or other gain from their words.

Third Point - Focus on what they are doing, and relate and apply it to my own situation so as to profit personally.

Fourth Point - To ponder the fact that the Divinity of Christ, hidden during his passion and death, is now openly shown forth and shines forth in the subsequent miraculous events.

Fifth Point - To notice how quickly and resourcefully the Lord acts as consoler to encourage and cheer those who are his own, and compare it to the way good friends console each other in an ideal friendship.

In simplicity of heart, and with great gladness and joy of spirit, I will ask to accompany Our Lord as he goes on his way in the role of comforter of his friends, identifying myself with them, and entering into their immense joy at seeing him truly alive.

For St. Ignatius, spiritual consolation is an increase of Faith, Hope and Charity, and it was this that Jesus brought to his friends, but to each of them he brought specially just the consolation which each needed.

A DIALOGUE is opened with Jesus Christ and is carried on all through the contemplation. The contemplation is concluded with an Our Father.