3 - Jesus Christ Comes to the Doubters

What I want now: I ask God for the gift to feel very glad and to rejoice intensely, sharing in the delight and joy that Jesus Christ felt in rising from the dead and returning to console His friends.

1. John 20:24-29;  The Second Sabbath. Thomas the Twin had not encountered Jesus Christ yet and said, "Unless I see . . . I refuse to believe." Jesus comes and invites Thomas to touch Him and to believe.  Thomas professes, "My Lord and my God."

2. Repetition

3. The Entire Contemplation for Learning to Love like God

4. Repetition

5. John 21:1-17 On the shore of the Sea of Tiberias. Jesus comes to them after a useless night of fishing and fills their nets. John recognizes Him and Peter swims to the shore to greet Him. He gives them bread and fish and tells Peter to "feed My sheep. "Three times Peter was asked by the Lord if he loved Him. Peter's reply was slow and cautious . . . a very wise priest once said: "Don't babble ‘yes’ to the Lord unless you really know what you are saying when you say 'I love you.’”

6. Repetition

7. Summary

Some further passages about Jesus' risen life:
Matthew 18:19-20; I shall be wherever two or three gather in My name.
Galatians 5:1,1-?26;  Christ won our freedom; His Spirit guides us.
Ephesians 4:22-32; Our new self in God's way.
Psalm 100; Praise and thanksgiving to God our Maker