4 - The Risen Lord shares His Mission

Give some serious thought to ways you will continue to keep in touch with God, your Lord, after you have finished the Ignatian Exercises.

What I want now: I ask God our Lord to fill me with tremendous gratefulness, so that when I see how everything and my own self are gift, I may want to return thanks and praise and service to the one who gives and shares with such total generosity.

1. Matthew 28:16-20
Mount Tabor. Jesus tells His friends to meet Him at the mountain. He materializes there and tells them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me." Then He sends them to "make disciples of all nations," promising that "I am with you always;  yes, to the end of time."

2. Repetition

3. The Entire Contemplation for Learning to Love like God

4. Jesus appears to His mother/The Risen Lord goes to His mother.

5. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

6. Jesus appears to others

7. Summary