Some Practices for Celebrating the Resurrection

By now, looking back over the day and thanking God for it forms part of the last things you do at night. So does looking at what you will pray over the next day.

When you wake, try to "rise again" from your sleep.

"Wake up, 0 sleeper
Wake from the dead
And Christ will shine upon you."

Why not wake in the morning with praise for God and all God's work in your mind? And recall early on what you mean to pray over during this day, which right now is very happy indeed.

Even great saints begin their prayer by collecting themselves in God's presence. Consider always that God your Creator and Lord keeps mindful of you at every moment, and regards you as a tender and loving parent regards a child. God gazes on you as on one anointed with His Holy Spirit to live forever with Him in heaven.

You may by now have favorite places and positions for prayer. Cherish them as you would any good gift, and be willing to remain in them or change them depending on only one thing: whether you are finding good in your prayer.

You have been praying through Jesus' life for a while now. At the end of each period of prayer, as you do the added exercise of reviewing your prayer and noting things down, ask whether you are content today with how you did. If you are content that you continue trying seriously, praise God and thank him for that gift. If you know you slacked off or wonder whether you really tried very hard, then ask God to make up in you where you failed and determine to try more seriously on the next day.

As you stayed more silent and withdrawn while pondering Jesus' sufferings, so now try to let light and beauty touch your spirit. During the days, do happy things and say happy things. Celebrate, whatever and whenever. Why not? It's your right.