V. A Week of Prayer

Prayer comes readily to us when we let it.

Using the Exercises, you will surely find your way to pray.

All you need is a Bible, a notebook, a space to pray in, and a set time for prayer.

When you go to pray:
Remember first that you are in God’s holy presence.  Then take the passage for the day and quietly read through it.  Think about it for a while and if you find yourself moved to do so, address God our Lord with reverence.  Try to remember always to end your prayer with the Our Father, since that is how Jesus taught us to Pray.

After you have said the Our Father, take a minute to jot down in your notebook a reference to the passage you prayed with, and any insights or strong desires that moved you by using the Review of Prayer.  At the end of each day take a moment and pray through the Examination of Conscience.

John 4:1-14
Whoever comes to Jesus Christ never thirsts
John 10:1-21
Jesus is the Good Shepherd, He knows my name
Luke 5:27-32
Jesus comes to people like me
Mark 12:1-12
Christ comes to my lifeworld; do I receive Him?
Mark 9:14-29
I have faith; help my little faith
Matthew 14:13-21
Jesus heals and feeds all the hungry people
Luke 15:1-32
Three parables about God’s merciful love