VI. Praying over How I am Loved by God

Find and fix a time when you can pray and not be disturbed.

Find and fix a place to come to God - a chair, a table, a room.

You will need only a Bible, a notebook, and the following articles.

Remember to end each exercise with the prayer for this week and to end each day with the Examination of Conscience.

Close the day with the Our Father.

Luke 11:1-13
Lord, teach us to pray
Psalm 139
God, You made me in my mother’s womb
Prayer on My Dossier
Matthew 6:25-34
Consider the Lilies of the Field
The Lilies of the Field
Isaiah 43:1-7
You are precious in my eyes: I love you
The Conclusion - Wellspring - Reality

Oh, Lord my God,
You called me from the sleep of nothingness
Merely because in Your tremendous love
You want to make good and beautiful beings.
You have called me by my name in my mother’s womb.
You have given me breath and light and movement
and walked with me every moment of my existence.
I am amazed, Lord God of the Universe,
that You attend to me and, more, cherish me.
Create in me the faithfulness that move You,
and I will trust You and yearn for You all my days.