1.     Find and fix a time when you can pray and not be disturbed.
        This should be at least one half hour, but 45 minutes to one hour is preferable.
        (Remember that one hour is 60 minutes, not 59).

2.     Find and fix a place (a chair, a table, a room) - a prayer place.

3.     You will need a Bible and a journeying notebook.

4.     When you go to prayer, always remember that you are in God's holy presence.

5.     Take a scripture passage for the day and quietly read through it.
        If a particular passages speaks to you, stay with it before you move on.
        Don't rush the experience.

6.     Think about what you have read for a while and if you find yourself moved to do so,
        address God, Our Lord, with reverence.

7.     End your prayer by praising and thanking God and say the Our Father since that is how
        Jesus taught us to pray.

8.     After the prayer is ended, ask yourself the question:
        "What did I experience?"
        Make notes in your journal about your prayer experience.