Meeting with a Spiritual Director

The Director is interested in knowing in what way God made His presence known to you, i.e. what you have experienced His inner workings to be; or conversely, in what way you experienced His absence from you.

The Director is more interested in the desires, ardor or despondency, tranquility or anxiety, joy or sorrow, you experienced during prayer, rather than the ideas and reflections you had during prayer.

The Director is looking for answers to questions, such as the following:
1. What did I experience during the time of prayer?
2. What really went on between me and God during my prayer?
3. How did God seem to be at work within me?
4. How was I affected by what I was praying for?
5. What were the reactions, impulses, suggestions, attractions, feelings, intuitions I experienced within me?
6. Was there anything I found that especially attracted me or appealed to me?
7. Anything that caused me uneasiness?  What is it I don’t want to talk about?
8. Anything God seemed to be asking of me?
9. Any insight that had particular significance for me?
10. Any particular distraction that kept on recurring, i.e. recurring dreams

How did I find the prayer experience?
    Was I faithful to the time of prayer?
    Did I feel satisfied and content? or was I restless and not satisfied?
    Was my prayer intimate and personal?
    Did it involve my heart and not merely my mind?
    Do I feel the time of prayer is too long? or too short?

Read through your journal for the last period between meetings and look for things to share when you meet with you Spiritual Director again.