Daily Journal Entry and Prayer

To assist you in making your journal entries after each prayer period, review the following questions:

  God was present in all of today: He was with me everywhere.  Was I aware of Him?

  Was I open to all the ways God spoke to me today?

  Did I experience His gifts...love? peace? kindness? fidelity? gentleness? patience? joy? self-control?

  Did I ask Him for these gifts?

  Did I feel drawn at any time today to the Lord...through a companion? or a book? or nature? or the newspaper?

  Did I allow the Spirit of God to direct me in all that happened today?

  Did I ask for His guidance?

  What can I be grateful to God for in today?

  Was there something today that I find difficult to be thankful for?

  Do I take God’s gifts and presence for granted?

  What have I learned today about God and His ways in the ordinariness of my life?

  How did I need God today? in fears? in work? in misunderstandings? in sufferings? in mistakes? in disappointments? in joys?

  Did His Word come alive to me today? in reading? in liturgy? in prayer?

  Have I seen the Lord in the members of my family?

  Have I brought Him to them?

  Have I been a sign of God’s presence and love to my husband/wife/children? friends? students? those with whom I work? the postman, the grocer, the clerk etc.? any visitor into my home? anyone I met today?

  Did I move out of myself to go to someone who was lonely? discouraged? sick? in pain? in need of a listener?

  Am I becoming more conscious of God’s work in the Church? in this country? in this neighborhood? in other countries?

  Do I "pray the news"?

  Have I experienced a growing awareness of being loved? of being a loved sinner? of being more loving? of being more lovable?

  Is there any area of my life in which Jesus is not Lord?

  What is happening inside me about what is going on in my life now? Am I happy? angry? hurt? let down? peaceful? excited? frustrated? calm? indifferent?