Review of Prayer

Ask yourself how you feel about the period of prayer:

1. Did it go well? Quickly, peacefully? Why? Did anything strike me particularly? Did I pause there?
     Was I given the grace to enter into the mystery? How did I respond?
     Did location, position, or approach to prayer seem to help?
     Did anything from the last review of prayer or anything from what I had been doing, reading, experiencing between periods of prayer seem to help?
     Had I tried to keep myself in harmony with the mood of the prayer and the day in those periods between prayer? Keeping interior and exterior quiet? Has the gift for whish I prayed been a thread throughout my prayer?

2. Did the prayer NOT go well...slowly, with difficulty? Why?
     Did I prepare properly? How much and in what way? Did I use what I had prepared, particularly in order to move away from an unhealthy distraction?
     Did I try different positions, locations, approached in order to improve the prayer?
     Did I try to cover too much material? Did I pause enough, not only on pleasing, peaceful parts, but also on the puzzling or disturbing parts? Or did I try to avoid healthy disturbance?
     Distraction...where, how many? What was their source? Something internal or external to myself?
     About the past, present, future? What did I do about the distractions?
     Is there anything from the time between the periods of prayer which may have hindered prayer? Fatigue? Tensions? Lack of quiet?

3. Is there anything from this review which will help me about the next period of prayer?

NOTE: Not all of the above questions need necessarily be asked after each period of prayer.