Sin - Meditations for the Week

Lord God, my Creator;
Your generosity and compassion fill me with hope.
Grant me the grace of a genuine and profound sorrow for my sings,
Grant me the grace of a sense of shame and confusion over my sinfulness,
Grant me the grace of tears;
actual tears, shed because of my sins.
Only through these will I feel the weight of my sins
and Your love that frees me form them.
I ask this through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

1. Sin: How do we see it today?
Evil: by Carlo Caretto
2. The First Sin - The Sin of the Angels
3. The Sin of Adam and Eve
4. The Sin of One Person
5. My Sin
Self-Knowledge and Sorrow for Sin
6. Personal Renewal
7. A Meditation on Our Sins
8. The Reality of Hell
9. Death - A Whole New Life
10. My Own Death
11. Penance and the Last Judgement
12. Reconciliation
13. Repetition (spend a Second day on Reconciliation)
14. A Summary of Former Prayer